Keepher use two main types of palm latex.
One is called Giga grip and the other is a turf/hard ground palm.

Giga grip is one of the best types of latex that can be put on a goalkeeper glove. Some of the other types of palm latex are; contact grip, soft grip, and soft grip.

  • Giga grip is smooth and soft. This means that the glove will provide cushion when catching the ball along with very high tackiness.
  • Another type of palm latex used is a turf/hard ground. This type of glove is excellent for those exact conditions. The turf/hard ground palm is slightly more durable then smooth latex like Giga grip. However, it is also slightly less tacky.

One final item to consider when looking at the palm latex of a goalkeeper glove is its thickness. Typically latex will be 3.5mm or 4mm. Most of keepher‘s gloves have 4 mm latex. This provides a good balance between cushioning and feel.