Removable finger saves are an important feature of keepher gloves. Since playing with or without finger saves is such a personal choice our gloves come equipped with removable finger saves.

Finger saves are simply a piece of plastic inserted into the backhand of the glove. They are designed to limit the degree to which your fingers bend back when catching shots. As a result your fingers are less likely to be injured.

Goalkeepers have various reasons for using or not using finger saves. Those that like finger saves have typically had a finger injury.  Finger saves in gloves can prevent future injuries and give you the confidence to handle those hard shots coming at you. Therefore, these goalkeepers often want the their gloves to have finger saves in them.

Goalkeepers who do not like finger saves typically complain about the lack of flexibility. Finger saves can make bending your finger difficult. It can become difficult to catch shots when this happens because your hand shape won’t be correct.

Keepher gloves come equipped with removable finger saves. We want you to be able to customize your glove to your needs. So being able to take out finger saves is an important option to have.

Some goalkeepers like finger saves in their goalkeeper gloves and others do not. That is why removable finger saves are available in all of  Keepher’s current models. This way the choice is up to you.

A closer look at keepher’s removable finger saves

This is an example of one type of finger save. It is durable and flexible.

The photo shows how easy it is to remove the finger saves. Simply unzip the zipper and take out the finger saves.

This is just another way keepher is meeting the needs of the female goalkeeper.