The features designed in keepher gloves provide you with the best quality glove to make the easy saves and difficult saves regardless of the playing conditions. The features vary from glove to glove so that you can find a model that is comfortable for you.

Key features to look for in a keepher glove are:

–Removable finger saves

This is a personal choice. Some goalkeepers really like finger saves and other goalkeepers don’t like them at all. This is why one of our key features is having removable finger saves in many of our models.

–Type of palm latex

The names of latex can be confusing. Top quality gloves typically feature Supreme, Contact, or Giga. These are the types of latex that our gloves have.

-Type of wrist band

The two types of materials for a wrist band are nylon and neoprene. If you like a tighter fit choose neoprene otherwise go with nylon.

-Type of wrist strap

Wrist straps are either single or double wrap. A more secure fit is usually associated with a double wrist wrap.