What size should I order?

You should start with your current glove size. If that doesn’t work then ask for an exchange within the first 14 days and we will make sure you get a glove that fits correctly. Having top quality gloves that fit correctly on the female hand is all we care about.   

Can I return my gloves?

Yes. Within the first 14 days we will take any glove back, in any condition, for any reason. See our return policy for details.

How do I get sponsored?

Contact us at “info@KeepherSoccer.com” and we can discuss your situation and how we might be able to work together.

What if I have a suggestion for a glove (or other product)?

Let us know! You are on the field several times a week and know what it takes to make great saves. We are interested in hearing about design ideas, features, improvements, or anything that will make a goalkeeper glove better. We’d also like to hear if you have other product ideas that will make your life better between the sticks. Contact us at “info@KeepherSoccer.com.”

Do you offer team order or club order pricing?

Yes. Since each team or club has specific needs and objectives contact us and we can discuss options that may work for your situation. email to “info@KeepherSoccer.com.”